Northeast Utilities & Long Island Power Authority Northport, Long Island, New York

As part of the Long Island Replacement Cable (LIRC) project LRC has an on-going contract to monitor the geotextile rock mattresses that were installed in the summer of 2010. During the installation process LRC staked the mattress locations which are required to protect the cross sound cables where they are exposed or not buried to the required depth. The allowable tolerance from staked position to installed position was 0.5 feet. When taking into account the tides and currents in the area a SCUBA diver was required during the staking process.

northeast_lipa_northport-2The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) requires that the Geotextile mattresses be monitored at a minimum of once a year or after certain storm events. LRC responsibilities include establishing a center baseline which subsequent locations are compared too. Additionally, LRC is responsible for photographing and videoing the mattresses, due to water depth a SCUBA diver is used for this process.