PP Vassar Containment 3

Vassar Containment Project Poughkeepsie, New York

LRC was retained by Vassar College to develop a design and construct a new secondary containment area to replace the existing fuel oil containment area as required by NYSDEC. The project was located in a sensitive area being only 25’ to a stream with wetlands to protect. LRC had to work with the Town and School to come up with an innovative design that would keep the street open for everyday public activities while being able to become a containment area for the filling of the campus No. 6 fuel oil tanks as needed. The new, secondary, containment area was designed to contain 110% of the delivery truck volume and provide superior protection in the event of an accidental release.

The design incorporates multiple different ideas and techniques to accomplish the goals. These included the use of multiple water tight closure options including Door Dam®, Fast Logs from Presray® and as well as traditional concrete walls. The key for the concrete walls was to design them such that the esthetic look of the walls didn’t resemble a standard wall, therefore we utilized forms making the walls look like sitting walls with a field stone look.

The project has been successful and utilized over the years since its completion. Additionally all of the construction of the system was designed to avoid any impacts to the stream banks or stream itself.