Environmental considerations are at the forefront of any project and a complete investigation of a site can contribute to the successful completion of the project as well as prevents delays caused by unexpected conditions. Early in the life of a project we can identify environmental conditions that may pose legal liabilities or development challenges due to remediation costs or character.

Available services include:

  • Preliminary site reconnaissance and review
  • Detailed Environmental Site Assessments
  • Development of remediation plans
  • Assistance with selection of remediation contractors
  • Inspection of sites post clean-up for environmental compliance

Whether a project is a straight-forward due diligence evaluation of property or as complex as an site investigation and remediation of chemical impacts to soil, sediment, and water, LRC’s professional experience enables us to provide our clients with assurances or warnings on a timely basis. Whether our client is the buyer, the seller, a lending institution or a municipality.