Landscape Architecture as an in-house service is very complimentary LRC’s core land planning and engineering practice and it enhances other services such as land survey and environmental, whether passively or actively engaged. On its own, landscape architecture as a practice is “collaborative” due to the broad spectrum of issues that are encountered within the scope of work as “stewards of the land”. Contrary to a perception that “landscape” is strictly an amenity of a development plan, landscape architects are key to establishing the very nature of a development and its character and image by helping establish spatial organization of site elements, managing the sequence of experience and developing details for built improvements that reinforce the desired sense of place. Although our landscape architects can provide project management and coordination services, they are actively engaged in the following areas:

  • Site Inventory and Analysis
  • Site Feasibility and Development Concept Testing
  • Master Plan Development
  • Site Design and Construction Documentation
  • Site Improvements Layout and Design (lighting, signage, furnishings, etc.)

Our staff has considerable experience in institutional, healthcare, education and recreation project environments provides that collective experience to the benefit of each client.